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Children are, indeed, the product of external influences. If a kid's parents impart that life is going to be nothing but a struggle all the time, when repeated over and over this information becomes deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind. This programming will play over again and again as life progresses. In this example, a person's life experiences will be influenced by an embedded belief in the subconscious that it will always be a struggle facing a lack of money. Now For Some Good News Childhood influences that program the subconscious can be changed, erased and even re-written. There are some very simple steps that can be employed to accomplish this including: Visualization is an important technique. If you wish to become a top 100 inpirational speaker you need to see yourself up on stage in front of ten thousand people with them all clapping at you because what you are offering them is so life changing, and you need to visualise this at least six times a day. When you wake up go to the mirror shut your eyes and visualise this and when you open your eyes say out load that you are amazing and are going to be one of the best most inspirational speakers of all time!

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