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The difference for me now, is how I choose to "control" or "focus" myself as situations arise. This is a broad range of things from attending a party and "experiencing" my emotions, to simply taking a shower and getting ready for the day. It's truly how I manage my "state" during the situation that defines my experience!To be more clear, it's what I choose to focus on while showering or while at the party. If while showering I'm having thoughts of... oh no, it's Monday again, I hate the first day of each workweek! I hate Monday's!! I wish I could just stay home and sleep in. I have to fight the stinking traffic everyday. I wish I had another car, a bigger more fancy car.On and on it goes and before you finish your morning shower... presto, you're in a bad mood and ready to bite your partners head off!

You're having emotions of agitation and experiencing anxiety about going to work, all before you even get dressed to go.I suggest and submit to you it all begins with your THOUGHTS. It's these thoughts that begin to effect our emotions (or states) and once we LEARN how to control them, we then have a much more powerful position that will determine our actions.Use MOTION to create EMOTION and control your results. Back to the shower scene... sing, shout, clap your hands, pretend the soap bottle (or bar) is your microphone, move briskly, breath deeply and think about good things. (Remember, you get to choose what you think about... it's your personal power)! Wouldn't you rather get dressed feeling good about the day ahead of you, as opposed to dreading the very next moment? Sure you would, and you get to pick your experience.

It may take some practice or "conditioning" on your part but it will become a "habit" once you focus on training your brain and body to do so.You can control your fear and use it as leverage to compel you towards your goals. It the courage behind the fear that builds the faith within us that makes us stronger. Esteem comes from forcing yourself to do difficult things. Therefore, causing us to broaden our comfort zones while strengthening our faith.From the moment we are born the environment around us is sending millions of signals to our brain every second. In this cacophony we latch onto familiar sounds, concepts and ideas from our surroundings, no matter whether they are good or bad for us.

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