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Professional sports teams excel Sales Success Made Simple where business, education, government and science fail because professional sports teams invest in developing extraordinary coaches who develop extraordinary players.And there's a nugget of truth that ought to excite even the most jaded sales manager . . . don't you think? If an extraordinary coach in the NFL can develop extraordinary players, why can't you? It's no accident that successful professional teams win off-field before they ever win on-field. No team reaches the NBA playoffs, plays in the Super Bowl, or wins the Stanley Cup simply because it pays big bucks for talented athletes. To make it to the top of its sport, a winning team, like a winning business, has to play well in every facet of its operations or lose.Don't you agree that it's tough in field sales these days? In fact, it may well be tougher today than ever before in recent history. You and your sales force work your hearts out, day in and day out, struggling against determined competitors to sell your products and services to prospects and customers who demand the impossible: low prices, discounted financing and instant, top-notch service.

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