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Whether you are leading a new venture or simply a new project, there is one thing is one thing of which you can be certain; You can be more effective and your leaders can be more effective by developing a high level of emotional awareness in self and in others. So, possibly an important question is; How do I begin to become more aware of my own emotions The answer is both simple and easy. Take an assessment of your own skill level and invite others to evaluate your emotional skills, to begin.So, in summary, there are many good reasons to ramp up emotional intelligence in your organization (we sited just 5). Start ups are particularly influenced by the quality of leadership. Leadership is dependent upon a foundation of self-awareness and self-awareness begins with self evaluation. To make the leap from manager to leader advance your awareness of self.In order to be successful any entrepreneur has to have an undying drive to not only sculpt his or her vision, but regardless of barriers and other outside forces, implement it. When it comes to creating this vision, it's not the most intelligent who wins; it's who is willing to go toe to toe with the most intelligent and do the necessary work to beat them. Doing so gets especially tricky when you are much younger and thus less experienced (and maybe less funded) than your competition.

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