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About Us

About Us

Thank you for your interest in Blue Ridge Jeepers! We are a new Jeep club forming in South Central PA, and Western MD. We are an unofficial non-profit organization, arranged to provide Jeep enthusiasts with a group of friends to enjoy their hobby with!  Regardless of what model of Jeep you own, we focus on getting the most out of our vehicles, while staying safe, having fun, and making friends!  We offer events ranging from simple show and shines to offroading events from novice to the extreme. We also organize community service events such as Food Drives, Trail Clean-Ups, or other Charity Events. Blue Ridge Jeepers is a family oriented organization, in which men, women, and children are welcome to attend. You may even bring your pets along to appropriate events!

Membership  Eligibility:

If you are of good character, have a valid drivers license, and love your Jeep vehicle, please become a Blue Ridge Jeepers member!  There are no vehicle requirements to be part of our club, however, there may be pre-set requirements for a few off-road events that we attend.

What We Expect From You:

As a member of our organization, there are a few things that we expect of you . . .

Always follow all rules set by the facility we are visiting.  Always be respectful of your fellow Jeepers and their families.  Realize that any Jeeper is welcome to become a part of our organization.  Remember, BRJ is a family oriented club.  Repeated foul language is not appropriate.  Please do not have any inappropriate decals or clothing visible, on you or your Jeep. 


What You Should Expect From Us:

Things to expect from BRJ and fellow members . . .

Expect all members to treat you with the same respect that you show toward them.  Expect BRJ to host events that will earn you friendship’s and good times!  Expect us to follow all posted rules and laws for any facility or land we may visit.

How To Become A Member:

Simply register on our website, follow the events section, and attend any meeting or event you are available for.  There is currently no membership fee for registering for BRJ. We may have fund-raising events on occasion, and we highly encourage you to participate if possible. By registering on our website, you assume full responsibility for any damage that may occur to your vehicle, or any personal injury that may occur to you while participating in ANY BRJ Event.  Operating a vehicle offroad, on or over obsticles, is extremely dangerous.  These activities should be done only while excercising extreme caution.  You are responsible for the safety of your passengers and to inform them of the dangers of offroading.  Seatbelts must be worn at all times and appropriate child safety restraint systems must be used, no exceptions!


Additional Rules and Regulations:

Alcohol consumption may be permitted during certain overnight events, only after we are finished wheeling for the day. Know your limits! Drinking and driving is NEVER okay. Underage consumption of alcholol is strictly prohibited.  Drug use is not permitted at any time.  An advisor of the club has the ability to revoke any members privileges should they not follow the rules.  BRJ is not responsible for items lost or stolen during any event.  BRJ is in no way responsible for any false information or classified ads posted in the forum.


Questions or comments should be directed to:


Eric Patterson


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