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Family Self Defence System exposes why you should not consider using your first in a real fight against anyone because you may get vulnerable to your attacker and become more devastating to hurt yourself. Family Self Defence System exposes the Lazy Mans Training Method that makes you to master killing moves from its included video guides Family Self Defence System has a Vision Field Expansion that gives you Download The Family Self Defence by Frank Bellvery clear and wide range of coverage of every part of your house of where you are about to be attacked and sharpens your mind to react very fast against shock Family Self Defence System exposes how you can use the Body’s Natural Fulcrum to bring down just anyone to their knees; it’s a devastating secret that is related to joint manipulation Family Self Defence System explains exactly what you need to do to neutralize someone who is pointing a gun at you, the simple step by step moves you need to do to get the gun and attest the person even when you are laying on the bed at a totally defenceless manner. Family Self Defence System explains how to take out and defence yourself from mobs by using a very simple move that is been used by most military men and bodyguards to get through defences. Family Self Defence System explains one simple thing you need to do when you are tied up to a sport and you are confused. You will also learn your best and single move in any fight to bring down any trained fighter that is about to beat you up.

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