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Im in the market for a Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee, I want to stay with the 4.0L, and would prefer 5 speed. I no its hard to find a Grand in 5speed, so thats all but out. Right now Im more looking into trading a 1993 Ford Escort Station Wagon, for the Cherokee. A little later down the road if I havn't been able to trade the Escort for a Jeep I will be looking to buy. Miles don't matter to me, as long as it runs and drives and can pass a Pa inspection. I really do not want a project, since I do not have the time to put alot of work into a Jeep. If anyone is interested or knows anyone that is interested in trading, let me know and I can set up a time to meet. Txt me at 717-504-2724, txt is easier due to my work.

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