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What's up BRJ's my name is mike and I thought I'd share my next group of upgrades and fill you in on what's been done to date.  I have meet some of you at the recent CR Bucks and drive in jeep events and look forward to more family events and wheeling opportunities.

Started as a stock 1998 jeep Cherokee sport with 172.*** miles and very little rust, I got hosed on the purchase price as I could barely get the thing home due to overheating.  I found that there was a small hole in the radiator and no thermostat I replaced both and blew out the heater core. She was leaking power steering fluid so in replaced the high pressure hose. After that she was fairly well mannered. I have a little trouble on first start but after that she's good.

First round of upgrades: 

3" rough country lift with fixed lower control arms an full leaf packs and 2.2 shocks

Nates off road from number 

Hankook dynapro my 31x10.5x15 tires 

Black steel wheels with 4.75. Backspacing 

Second round:

Trimmed fenders tuck and fold

Third round: ordered but not Delivered/installed yet

Rough country 

4.5" coils

3/4" spacer

Adjustable upper control arms

Adjustable lower control arms

Rear lift shackle 1.5-2"

Rear shackle relocation backed

Transfer case drop 1"

Adjustable tracbar

Extended break lines 

N2.0 shocks 

Square tube rock sliders

I believe this will bring me to between 5-5.5" of lift.

I will be posting pictures soon and a review of my experiences to come.  As I remove the 3" lift I will have the fixed lower control arms, coils, front and rear shocks, and sway bar disconnects available if anyone is.  The 3" kit was I installed about 1.5yrs ago 

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That's really cool Mr Riley. Keep in mind the other guy's and gals in the club might be interested in your used parts, lift, and tires. Hope to meet up with you all soon.  

Began soaking all the bolts to be removed in penetrating oil 

Got the upper control arms

The lower control arms

The tracbar

The rear shackle

And my helper wanted a shot too

Just to report about rough country, I ordered my parts on Wednesday the 12th.  Received prompt confirmation.  Received tracking information Thursday the 13th to be delivered on Monday the 17th.  Pretty impressed so far and shipping charges were only about 65 bucks.  Looking forward to laying everything out and inspecting it Monday evening. 

My helpers photo got cut out so we will try again lol. 

And might as well throw in one of dad too lol

In case any of the members are interested my experience with the 3" rough country lift has been excellent.  It rides a little rough but better than stock, flexes well enough to stuff the 31s even with the fenders trimmed, tracks strait and required no mod to the drive train. The jeep as stated earlier is a 98 sport with the Chrysler 8.25 rear axle, open front and rear.  I have wheeled the jeep light to medium trails without issue and used it to tow a trailer and move a load of mulch in the back before ( about 1000-1200lbs).  I have noticed no sagging but the ride has softened up a little.  Overall I have been very pleased with the 3" lift, so much so I ordered the new stuff from them too lol.  

Thanks Tom, well received advice about the shock mount bolts I have been spraying the, but for whatever reason they didn't make the photo cut and I failed to mention them.  Thanks again, if it comes out half as nice as yours I'll be ppleased. 

Sprayed the bolts again today and found some scrap metal from work to make a roof rack out of...

This is what I have in mind, just got to cut, fit, and weld it up... Then I have an idea of how I'm gonna attach it but we shall see...

Parts Are in

The rear shackles 

Shackle relocation brackets 

Adjustable track bar

Front coil spacers

Front coils

Front upper and lower control arms, transfer case drop kit, front and rear shocks, front and rear extended break lines, hardware. 

 The front coils measured 21 3/4". The spacers are a true 3/4".  The rear shackle and bracket are 3/16" thick.  The flex joints are poly with a ball type socket that fits together and is greasable.  I will take pictures of those going together and of the length I will set them at as I get to it...

Does anyone know where to set the track bar at for 5.25-5.5" lift? Or should I just install everything with the stock bar take measurements and split the difference? 


Thanks tom!!! That's the way I was going to do it too... Thought it was interesting that there were listed lengths for various lift heights provided by rough country... I guess they would get you in the ball park but I can't see how it would apply to every Cherokee, just too many variables.

Again, thanks 

Installed the flex bushings and measured out the control arms after work today.

Kit included snap ring, washer two half poly bushings, shaft, threaded end washer, set score, grease fitting

Remove threaded end

Use snap ring pliers to install snap ring on opposite side

Grease it up... I used super lube synthetic grease, install washer against snap ring

First poly half

Shaft and second poly, the two ploys fit together in an interlocking fashion, be sure it is fully seated and correctly oriented.  Thread in locking washer/press

Rough country provides a spanner wrench type tool to use to seat the bushing by tightening down the threaded washer. There are cut outs along the perimeter of the washer to line with a set screw once tightened.

The set screw is too long for my taste so I believe I will try to find a shorter replacement

Once the bushings are in I removed the threaded joint from the control arms and applied never seize 

Then threaded to desired eye to eye length and set lock nut... LCA 16 3/4" eye to eye... UCA 15 3/8" for my application is what I am starting with

That's all I got for now... The lower and upper control arms are fitted together the same, I am expecting to be at about 5 1/4" of lift so that is what I am basing my estimate control lengths from.... Any suggestions please chime in...

Wat brand 3 inch lift dI'd u have on it?

It was the rough country 3" it came with coils, full leaf packs, fixed lower control arms at 16 1/4", sway bar discos, and probly some other stuff I'm forgetting.  I was very pleased with it but wanted to clear 33 or 34" tires and needed more .  I will have the front end components for sale here shortly, I am re using my leaf spring pack, if your interested.

Worked on the rear a little...

Removed the file line cover 

Removed old shackles

Installed top backed into upper shackle mounting location in unibody

Installed flag nut strip and secured the upper mount

Installed lower bracket 

Installed extended length shackle and set to what I believe is a satisfactory angle, about 45° 

Pulled the jeep out and took a side profile pic... Looks funny...

Still need to do shocks and break lines in the rear but this is her for now...

Worked on the front today but didn't remember to take pictures till the end... Anyways here it is....

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