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Welcome to Blue Ridge Jeepers! Please let us know that you've successfully registered on this site and feel free to introduce yourself or your rig.

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glad to see that the stickers are working. im also glad to see that our club is getting bigger and bigger. cant wait to go offroading with u guys.

hi there.  i just got my first jeep 2 weeks ago.  I have never driven off road before. i was asking around for a place in or near Greencastle PA were I can go practice  and get the feel of 4 hi/lo on easy trails before making the voyage to Rauche Creek.  A friend told me to look here, so here I am.  does anyone have any suggestions or helpful tips for a first timer?

thanks in advance for your help


2008 wrangler X, automatic, 6 cylinder, stock for now


There isn't much legal wheeling in the area outside of private lands and Rausch.  The club does however have access to a few private areas where we can wheel, one popular place is referred to here as "Opies".  If you keep an eye on the events section on the main page, there should be an event at Opies coming up very soon.

Welcome to the club!  Don't forget about the Jeep show this weekend in York, PA.  It's a bit of a drive from Greencastle, but it's always a great time.

Hey guys, my name is Cody. I just got into jeeping not too long ago. I drive a 1999 Cherokee Sport. Just finished installing its lift less than a week ago. Its got a Rustys Offroad 4.5 lift with full springs, running on BFG MT's 33x12.5. 

So, how I heard about this site. My mom works at TB Woods in Chambersburg, and thought it was funny that a guy that she works with drives a Cherokee that looks just like mine. His was lifted before mine and has some mods done that I've been thinking about doing. She is working on some random project at work with a few people she has never met before. Turns out, one of the guys drives that jeep. They got to talking and he gave her a business card for this site to give to me... and here I am haha.

Gotta see if I can find this guy on here cause I've ot some questions for him.

Welcome Cody!

I'm guessing the gentleman you're referring to is none other than our resident Mexican mechanic Chris Eby.  His name on the site should be something like Chris Eby -- Moderator. 

Welcome to the site, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

We love our little mexican Lol
That would be me Cody. Welcome to the club.

Damn TB Woods employees :)

Chris's expertise is Cherokees, landscape maintenance and he is one hell of a fine swimmer.

Haha thanks for the warm welcome guys, maybe i can make it to the jeep ride on the 3rd, depends if I have to work or not, wont know til a few days before. My jeep wont be rausch-ready for awhile anyway. I still need to trim my fenders, get some bumpstops, get real extended brakelines, and maybe a few extras. The lift has some "bugs" to get worked out also. Then it'll be ready to rock and roll!

 I am happy to say that I have successfully registered on this site I have a 05 Wrangler x on 1.5" lift running 30x9.50s

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