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Hey guys, i have been researching and i have found somethings that im gonna buy in february. i added the URLs so u can look at em and let me kno what u think.

Winch front bumper with those frame tie in brackets.

Rubicon 3.5 inch Lift.

Rock Sliders.

im sure ill have more to add but this is all im getting for now!!!!!!!!!!!

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Seriously fella's, please don't use the AutoZone "U" bolts. I've had the nuts strip out before they started to clamp my spring pack and plate to the axle. Gaumers sells custom made "U" bolts for about $40 bucks. Don't skimp on these, they are the only thing holding your whole rear under your jeep! They also sell Spicer universals, strap kits, yokes, and conversion universals for your 1 ton axle swaps. Tell them Justin Wiley sent ya.

I'm gomna buy the ones from rubicon. They are made for the rear emd I have. Also buying the shocks, the kit I put in here doesn't come with shocks. So I'm getting the same kit except that it comws woth shocks. Sorry about all the tyoe o I'm on my phone

so with these tie ins. would i weld it to my bumper or bolt it to where its at now and add a plate to make it all flat. or would i bolt the tie ins in first and then mount the bumper on it? im gonna need ur help tom. i cant do it myself the bumper is 120 plus pounds. 

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