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Ok up for sale is my 1993 Jeep Wrangler, it has the 4.0L HO motor with the auto tranny, I don't remember how many miles are on it since I swapped the cluster out because the orginal one was not working. It has 4inch lift springs and 2inch shackels, with 33x9.50R15 BFG AT tires. It has about a 6 1/2 inch lift. The reason Im selling is because Im tired of putting money into it, on my way into work today I heard a loud pop/break noise and my RPMS climbed until I took my foot off the gas. When I was able to pull off the road I tried to put it in park and it kept making a grinding noise, until I shut the Jeep off and did it that way. I think maybe the tranny went out, Im not sure. It does NOT move under its own power, it will need towed.


The Jeep does have tub rot, but no frame rot, Im not gonna lie, this is not the prettiest Jeep, but I have been driving it back and forth from Shippensburg PA and Fayetteville Pa for over 1yr, minus small problems here and there. It will need an SYE kit if it is going to be used as a DD. I was just about to order one when this happend. Now Im not, Im just going to sell. The Jeep will NOT come with a top or doors. The Jeep could be fixed and used as a DD or for off roading. Like I said its not the prettiest, so for anyone interested I would rather have you come out and look at it in person, that way you can see for yourself.


Im asking $1500 FIRM, I will NOT part out, it has an R-Title, for anyone interested txt me at 717-504-2724. Txting is easier but I can take calls. Nothing after 11pm. Monday-Friday, txting after 11pm is fine. I can txt/email pics to anyone interested. Im pricing this to sell ASAP, the sooner I sell the sooner I can get a new car to drive to work.

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After I got home from work last night, I looked the Jeep over a bit, it does move under its own power, but at low speeds. I  noticed the faster you try to drive, it just wants to slip. Maybe tranny, maybe not. Not sure, don't have time to mess with it. Also it no longer grinds when you try to put it in park when its running, Im not really sure why it did that.

I will also trade my Jeep for other Jeeps, Im looking for Xj's or Zj's, more looking to do a straight trade. So if anyone is interested or knows anyone, let me or them no. Thanks

I'm giving you fellow Jeepers a first shot at this YJ, after about 2-3 days I will be listing it up on craigslist, so for anyone interested let me know soon.

Price reduced to $1200, I need this gone so I can go get another one to drive to work.

$800, Im in a very bad bind right now, and I need this sold ASAP! Jeep does run and drive, but it has problems shifting thru gears, a fellow Jeeper came out and looked at it, and he agrees with me, the tranny will need replaced. Jeep comes with extra driverside fender and new floor pan for passenger side.

I dont want to do this, but Im backed into a corner, $500 and I keep rims an tires. I will not go any lower, other wise I will start to part it out.

Jeep is sold

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