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Just wanted to put some feelers out for this event.  It was brought to my attention by another member.  If anyone is familiar with this event, please feel free to share any details.  If YOU have an interest in attending, please post as well.  Thanks!

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100 bucks! 

Seems a bit pricey at first blush, but if you look at it comparatively it's not that bad.  For instance, Topless for tatas is now a two day event, and the total entrance fee for both days is $90.  Last year you still needed to pay the normal Rausch Creek fees on top of the Topless entrance fee, but I'm not sure if that's still true this year.  If you do, then you end up paying even more than the one in Virginia.  So provided there are no additional land usage fees for the wheelin4hope event, $100 isn't too bad.  That being said, I would like to see the breakdown of how those fees are going to charity for both Topless and this new wheelin4hope event; I'm curious to see what percentage of the fees paid actually go to the charity.

In my mind, the more expensive part will be gas down and back, meals, and possibly a hotel if you decide not to camp.  I may be interested in going though if there are others who are as well.

I would be possibly interested because I'm beginning to want new places to go other than RC. The only bad part I see right off is guided trail rides.

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