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This is my 1st 4 link build, I have everything tacked up except the upper control arm frame brackets, if any of you are familiar with a 4 link calculator I could use your input before I weld everything up. This is how I plan to set up the uppers. I'm just not sure if the roll axis angle is going to cause an issue, the only way I see to reduce it is to triangulate the lowers but thats not an option at this point.

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Pretty cool!  Make sure you get this all down to a science and then you can help me do my 4 link in!  :)

Let me know if you need a hand with any of this as well...

I am having a blast with this. So I moved my lower CA axle brackets out 1" and up 2" on each side and lowered my upper CA frame mount 1" and was able to cut the roll axis angle in half without affecting my anti squat too bad.

I think this is what Im going with, Mike check out the 4 link calculator on Pirate it is great! I have learned a lot from it.

Was tinkering with it on my lunch break yesterday. I need to do some research as I am not sure what the numbers should be. What are the general rules of thumb?
Cool. I'll check it out. Anyone have a stock tj and want to measure everything to see the numbers? I'd like to see stock antisquat as well as front and rear roll center info. ;)

I doubt that stock configuration is anything desirable, but it would be interesting to see what the numbers are. If you still have a short arm lift on yours it will be easy to figure out.

Yeah true. If you still have stock mounts especially. Bob, did you estimate your vcog or actually use some scales to figure out the actual one? Bell housing bolt?

I just went by the uppermost bell housing bolt

Is the pic you posted what you finally decided to do? 

I finally got off my ass and "designed" my set up.  I also measured and plotted where I am now.  I just took advantage of the Poly 15% off sale and ordered everything but the link parts.  Here is a link to Jeepforum where you can see what I decided to do.  Just for fun if nothing else.  :)  As you can see now I have a good bit of anti-squat and a relatively high roll axis angle.  I was able to get that to zero and a pretty darn neutral squat number.  I like it.

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