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hey guys i'm gettin another yj for an offroad only use. it has the 2.5l in it 5 speed i wanna do a swap to something big not sure what kinda motor i should go with.. any suggestions would be great i am leaning toward a 302... 

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350 is popular. u can buy the conversion kit for it. u would have monster torque :)

then supercharge it lol. climb hills with no problem

Unless you plan on new axles as well just go with a 4.0 or 4.3 swap. A V8 will eat little axles for lunch.

no superchage lol v8 is plenty of power and yah i was planing on getting new axles and putting lockers in them. i been seeing a lot of the 4 banger diesel motor being swap in. They are 100% bad ass but that is a major project and lots of money toward :( 

I thought it would be kool having a blower stick up out of the hood. Lol. Imagine it lol. Big 35s on it.

I prefer Chevy swaps because they are the least expensive for me. You may  have access to a donor powerplant but I had to find one at the junkyard. I suggest you get the engine, trans, transfer case, drivelines, and wiring/computer from something that already runs and drives. Take it out freshen it up and fab it into your jeep. Avoid carburated engines at all cost(SERIOUSLY!) I chose a 4.3L throttle body injected chevy from a 1993 S10 truck. I took everything out of the truck mentioned above including the steering column and put it in my cj5. I've built V8 jeeps before and found everything between the engine and the ground breaks. Drivelines, universals, axles, leafsprings, wheel bearings, pinions, frames, crossmembers... If you plan to run a V8 take a look at the smaller ones. Don't freshen it up because it will already be too much for the YJ. Good luck

thanks for the info justin and yah i plan on finding all the parts i need at a junk yard i have a buddy that does rebuilds for almost nothing. would i be able to run cherokee axels with that cuz i no a few years of them have to posi traction in the rear?  

When I was doing all my work I asked myself what is my goal. I wanted something to run on the street for a few years and eventually make 100% off road. I traded a load of fire wood for a ford 9 inch, and dana 44 rears out of a half ton truck. I narrowed them and threw them under my rig. Well 2 years later last February I broke the dana 44. I found a deal on a 1 ton GM Corporate 14 bolt rear and matching 10 bolt 3/4 ton front diff. They already have 4.56:1 gears installed. Working on installing them now. Full width 1 ton rears are the way to go. Get that 8.8 dana 44 stuff out of your thoughts and look at the heavy rears full size trucks used. I can get you a set of matching dana 60's front and rear for $1000 bucks. Not sure the gear ratio's and they would need lockers. Shoot me an e-mail, I know of other stuff for cheap as well.

ok one more question when i will get the lift can i just get the lift that fits on a yj or will i have to buy on that will fit the axels? i have a yj now with a 4in lift and that was a breeze putting on will it be more difficult with this one?  

Most of your older truck axles are spring over meaning the leaf spring pack sits on top the axle tube. You should be expecting to gain 3.75 to 4 more inches of lift by doing a spring over, allowing you to run the big boy tires 38's, 39.5's, 42's, 44 inch boggers! If you choose to go that route I'd be glad to give you advise on where to get parts cheap, and how to make your leaf springs flex.

One ton axles for sure!, I did a hp dana 30/8.8 swap a few years ago, Now Im pulling it out to do the 1 ton swap. Could have saved some time and money if I had done the 1 ton swap the first time. Especially if your keeping the leaf springs an axle swap will be easy.

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